Overhead Conveyors

Quality does not need to cost you more

Chainveyor® enclosed track overhead conveyor is an economical and efficient overhead conveyor solution for warehousing and distribution material handling requirements. Chainveyor® enclosed track overhead conveyor systems applications are as varied as industry itself. Overhead conveyors from Lauyans & Company are uniquely suited to the demands of distribution and warehousing. Chainveyor® overhead conveyor systems conserve manpower … Continued

Unique and Innovative Overhead Conveyor Applications For Chainveyor

Do you know what makes us proud about our Overhead Conveyor Solutions? Our pride is stated in three simple lines: Total Adaptability Increased Productivity Improved Product Quality What exactly do we mean about “Total Adaptability?” We mean that our Overhead Conveyor Solutions can be made to work for your situation. To prove that point, take … Continued

Overhead Conveyor Solutions

Do you need a cost-effective way… …to deliver parts, containers, etc. to the assembly line? …to keep clutter off the floor? …to reduce labor costs for materials handling? Chainveyor® Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor Solutions offers this and more to you. Lauyans & Company, Inc has produced Overhead Conveyor Solutions for customers with a wide variety … Continued