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Chainveyor® enclosed track overhead conveyor is an economical and efficient overhead conveyor solution for warehousing and distribution material handling requirements.

Chainveyor® enclosed track overhead conveyor systems applications are as varied as industry itself. Overhead conveyors from Lauyans & Company are uniquely suited to the demands of distribution and warehousing.

Chainveyor® overhead conveyor systems conserve manpower and speed the movement of materials through continuous and intermittent production steps and between work stations. No system has consistently offered more efficiency, economy and versatility in its application than Chainveyor®. Chainveyor Overhead Conveyor Solutions

For carrying totes, boxes and trash Chainveyor® is an economical alternative (up to 30% savings for 200 Series) to heavier duty enclosed track or I-beam conveyor that is “overkill” in many applications.

  • Tote Handling – As a result of Green Initiatives, reusable plastic totes are being used more in warehousing and distribution centers. Their weight and bulk can cause handling problems in addition to taking up valuable pick aisle space. Get the totes off the floor on a Chainveyor® system from Lauyans & Company, Inc. Carry them to the order pickers anywhere in the facility, reliably and affordably.
  • Carton Handling – Maintaining a profitable and efficient order picking operation is a Chainveyor System challenge, especially in labor-intensive split case or piece picking operation. A Lauyans & Company, Inc. Chainveyor® system is an efficient and effective solution, especially when routed around the carton constructing area or case erector. The Chainveyor® can be installed above your picking areas to transport and route cartons smoothly through all the pick aisles reducing worker time, motion and space.
  • Trash Handling – Removing trash and other waste from the pick module is vital to the speed and efficiency of any distribution center. A Chainveyor® system can transport this material away from the pick areas and automatically dispose it in your dumpster, hopper or compactor. In many operations, it makes good economic sense to have a single Chainveyor® system with a combination of carton/tote and trash carriers to do two operations with one conveyor.

Additional Lauyans & Company Chainveyor® advantages include:

  • Chainveyor® conveyor components are available with flanges for bolt together construction or sleeves for welded connection.
  • Tighter turn radius allows for increased efficiency and space savings.
  • The chain pitch offers more hanging point options.
  • Chain is available plated or standard style.
  • Stainless Steel horizontal turns and vertical curves.
  • Series 200 Direct Drive units are lower maintenance by eliminating mechanical parts such as variable pitch sheaves, V-Belts and torque limiters.
  • Full Function VFD offers easy speed control, torque limiting and overload protection.
  • With fewer moving parts, Chainveyor® needs less maintenance and is easier to install.
  • Minimal lubrication is required for a clean and long-lasting system.
  • Fully stocked inventory for quicker shipping of replacement parts or total systems.
  • Tray and Hook type carriers are available.
  • Chainveyor® can be floor, ceiling, mezzanine or rack supported.

As a full-service company, we can design and engineer a system to your specific needs, fabricate the system (including support steel), and install the system and controls. From a complete turnkey package to the most narrowly-defined need, Lauyans & Company is your one source for overhead conveyor solutions.

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