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Series 200 Overhead Conveyor
Chainveyor® overhead conveyor systems offer an innovative solution that provides a low cost, light-duty option to meet a diverse range of material handling needs. If the products on your conveyor line weighs 400 pounds or less, don’t pay more for heavy-duty when a light-duty conveyor option costs a lot less.

Since its beginning, every step of the Chainveyor® development has followed firm specifications and exacting production requirements. The result is a conveyor that has revolutionized overhead handling of:

  • Light loads up to 120 pounds
  • Medium loads up to 400 pounds

The Chainveyor product line was designed to replace bulk elements with light weight components which offers exceptional adaptability and versatility.

Chainveyor® was conceived and developed by experienced, highly qualified engineers, who are authorities in the conveyor and material handling equipment field. They recognized the need for a conveyor specifically suited for applications that do not require extra heavy-duty equipment.

Now more operations can conserve manpower and speed the movement of materials through continuous and intermittent production steps and between work stations. No system has consistently offered more efficiency, economy and versatility in its application than Chainveyor®.

Chainveyor® Series 200 and 300 Overhead Conveyor Systems are applicable to all industry, yet priced within the range of even the most cost-conscious customer.

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