Series 200 & 300 Automatic Chain Lubricator:
Automatic Chain LubricatorAutomatic chain lubricators are recommended on all powered Chainveyor® systems, since proper lubrication is essential to long life and trouble-free service. This is especially true of systems which pass through ovens, washers, dryers, acid solutions or plating tanks. The solenoid-operated, brush-style lubricator functions only when the conveyor is running. It is both economical and dependable in performance. A “shot type” lubricator is available for applications in harsher environments.
Series 200 & 300 Take-Up Sleeve:
Take-Up SleeveTake-up sleeves are used to manually adjust chain tension. Take-up sleeves are used on conveyors where configuration or space limitations restrict the use of standard take-up units or on very small, lightly loaded systems. Normal installation requires two take-up sleeves.
Series 200 & 300 Idler Sprocket Turn:
Idler Sprocket TurnIdler sprocket turns are used on conveyors requiring very small radius turns. Series 200 sprocket turns are available in 11 3/8″ pitch diameter and 15 3/8” pitch diameters and Series 300 sprocket turns are available in 12 3/8” pitch diameter. Sprocket turns offer no additional chain pull.
Series 200 & 300 Expansion Joint:
Expansion JoinExpansion joints should be installed in each straight run of conveyor that passes through an oven. The expansion joint should be located on the center line of the oven expansion joint.
Series 200 & 300 Cross Bar Carriers – Single and Double:
Where loads exceed the capacity of a single chain pendant, “cross bar carriers” are used to distribute the weight over two or more pendants.
Series 200 & 300 Track Inspection Section:
The track inspection section allows for inspection of the chain via a removable side cover. In addition, this component is utilized to load the chain into the system. One inspection section is recommended for every 250 linear feet of conveyor, and at least one is required for each system.
90° Indexing Hook:
Indexing HookThe 90° Indexing Hook allows for a rigid, 90 degree indexing of a hanging product.
90° Star Indexing Hook:
Indexing HookThe 90° Star Indexing Hook allows the hanging product to be rigidly indexed 90 degrees, automatically, with a rub bar or other rotating devise.
Rotating Carrier:
Rotating CarrierThe rotating carrier is a ball bearing swivel used for continuous rotation of the product.

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