While you are probably aware of the typical Overhead Conveyor applications (paint lines, empty carton delivery, moving product between operations in a manufacturing facility) we have seen a wide variety of creative uses for our product.


  • "Fashion Conveyor" window curtain rod for store fronts in New York. 4-Wheel trolleys are used in a Free Rail to support extremely large curtains for storefront displays. Curtains are closed while employees rearrange displays and change clothing on mannequins. After the display is ready for public viewing, the curtains are pulled back.
  • "Fishveyor" - Rio Casino in Las Vegas. Powered Chainveyor® was used to decorate the ceiling over gaming tables. The system was installed in the ceiling and concealed by an elaborate faux coral reef. Brightly colored, articulated "fish" were hung on the Chainveyor® system. The fish appeared to swim through the coral reef above the gaming tables as though the patrons were under water in the reef!
  • Chainveyor® at the movies - The Thomas Crown Affair. Chainveyor® powered conveyor is used in the filming of a sequence in the movie The Thomas Crown Affair. In the climax sequence beginning at the 4:18 mark, Chainveyor® is used to support and power the protective walls that seal off the paintings. Watch Chainveyor® in The Thomas Crown Affair
  • Walt Disney World - Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, FL.Two (2) different style concepts are used to slowly transport hydroponically grown plants through feeding areas.
    • Design 1 - Large vertical cylinders are conveyed on a Chainveyor system. Cylinders containing plants are conveyed under a spray nozzle which directs nutrients down the center of the cylinder. Click To See Picture of Design 1
    • Design 2 - Plants attached to carriers of Chainveyor® line are conveyed through a spray feeding area where the exposed root balls are sprayed directly with nutrients. Click To See Picture of Design 2
  • "Duckveyor" for duck decoys. A powered Chainveyor® system is used during the manufacturing process for painting duck decoys. Decoys require multiple applications of paint and travel through 3 different paint booths. Sufficient distance is provided between booths to allow product to dry before next paint detail is applied. Click To See Picture of "Duckveyor"
  • "Zombie Conveyor." Chainveyor® is used to move "Zombies" through a haunted house.
  • Parachute hanging conveyor. A manual, gravity line trolley system is used to assist operators packing parachutes.
  • Weather Balloon Manufacturing. Meteorological balloons are manually dipped during the manufacturing process in a coating to prevent the gas from leaking out of the balloon during flight. Following the dip phase, a Chainveyor® power system is used to allow curing time for coating to dry.
  • Tool Rail. Chainveyor® 4-Wheel trolleys are used in a Free Rail to support the assembly tools at operator workstations.
  • Automated Livestock Feeding. A powered Chainveyor® system is used to automatically feed livestock at set times each day.
  • Gamma Ray Sterilization. A Chainveyor® Power & Free conveyor is used to move infectious waste through a Gamma Radiation Sterilization Process.

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