The Chainveyor® Power & Free overhead conveyor provides load-switching and stop-and-start features often called for, but not possible with, standard power overhead conveyor systems. By combining Series 200 Power and 200 Free overhead conveyor, the standard Power line moves carriers from one area to another while the 200 Free system is used for switching and in-process storage.

Chainveyor Power & Free Overhead Conveyor applications afford almost unlimited versatility in fast and slow stop-and-go production. Chainveyor Power and Free can route carriers and loads into and out of pre-selected processing or storage lines to and from stations, areas and departments, or will recycle if required.

The enclosed track design eliminates many moving part found in standard I-beam power and free overhead conveyor. This makes for a low maintence system and the modular enclosed track is easier to install.

For a versatile overhead conveyor, Chainveyor enclosed track power and free allow more efficient and effective handling of product. This overhead conveyor has seen many processes and perfectly suited for virtually any application.

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