Free Conveyor

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Lauyans & Company, Inc., Chainveyor® Free Conveyor is a manually operated conveyor has many and diverse uses. The Free Conveyor is the ideal solution for hand-push transport and storage applications such as for intermittent assembly, for transporting portable tools and air hoses on assembly lines, for temporary and movable storage, for garment and ready-to-wear handling, and many other uses. Free conveyor is most economical and easy to install.

Chainveyor® Free Conveyor is constructed of standard Lauyans & Company components, Chainveyor® Series 200 system can be added onto the Free Conveyor at any time to build a more sophisticated power or power and free overhead conveyor system. Because of the compatibility with all other Chainveyor® Series 200 overhead components, conversion time is minimal and higher levels of productivity and efficiency are achieved almost immediately.

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