Series 300 Overhead ConveyorFor longer overhead conveyor systems and/or heavier parts, Series 300 is the solution. Chainveyor® Series 300 Overhead Conveyor is the heavier duty version of Series 200 offering the same quality and advantages. With a recommended maximum chain pull of 1000 lb., Series 300 Overhead Conveyor is ideal for longer systems in excess of 1000 feet long. The 150 lb. per foot weight capacity Series allows the 300 overhead conveyor to handle product that may be too heavy for Series 200.

Series 300 overhead conveyor chain is precision-made of heat-treated components with assembled tensile strength in excess of 7500 lbs.

Series 300 enclosed track is high quality steel tubing and enclosed track power curves are T-304 stainless steel.

For an Overhead Conveyor that is high quality, reliable and economical, Series 300 Overhead Conveyor is the choice of manufacturers, warehousing and distribution centers worldwide.

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