Maintaining a profitable and efficient order picking operation is a challenge especially in labor-intensive split case or piece picking operations. A Chainveyor® system is an efficient and effective solution. Chainveyor® can be installed above your picking areas to transport and route empty totes or cartons smoothly through all the pick aisles reducing worker time, motion and space. Empty carton lines can be routed around the carton constructing area or case erector to keep a steady flow of cartons to pick areas.

As an added benefit, carriers can also be used to carry away trash / dunnage from the pick areas. We can even provide carriers that automatically dump the waste into your compactor or shredder.

Empty cartons or totes stored at point of use take up valuable pick aisle space. Get the totes off the floor and on a Chainveyor® system that will carry them to the order pickers anywhere in the facility, reliably and affordably.

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