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Lauyans & Company offers a variety of control options. From component-level VFD’s to turn-key, fully automated systems we can provide the level of controls you require.

Variable Frequency Drives

Chainveyor® Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are available for new and existing systems. The variable frequency drive utilizes a state of the art AC frequency controller with motor and gear reducer combination to provide maximum output speed range.

It offers these great advantages:

  • Easy speed change with push button control
  • Reduces maintenance by eliminating many of the mechanical drive parts such as variable pitch sheaves, V-Belts, and torque limiters. The VFD controller electronically controls speed and limits output torque to preprogrammed levels.
  • Broad speed range. Variable Frequency Drives allow speed ranges up to 20:1 (older technology mechanical variable pitch sheaves have a speed range of less than 2:1).
  • Improved Gearmotor Design. High efficient helical gear reducers with Inverter Duty TEFC motors all full torque rating at a broad range of speeds with less heat buildup than double worm gear reducers.
  • Full Function VFD controller. Variable Frequency Drives offer full function options such as soft starting, torque limiting and overload protection.

Specification and Options

Power Requirement 230/480 Volt, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hertz
Motor ¼ HP or 2 HP TEFC Inverter Duty Integrally Mounted or Optional C-Face
Gear Reducer Parallel Helical Gear Motor, Ratios 726:1 or 80:1
Chain Speed Range* Low Speed: 0.6 – 13.0 FPM; High Speed: 6.0 – 100 FPM
VFD Enclosure Open Chassic. IP 20 Enclosure for subpanel or DIN rail mounting. Din rail mounting plate is available.
Remote Key Pad (Optional) NEMA 4 Full Function Key Pad
Adapter Kits (Optional) For converting existing system, Includes: Adapter Plate, Gearmotor, and Variable Frequency Controller

*Speed Range varies depending on drive arrangement and load.

Omron Sysdrive

Control Panels

From basic system Start / Stop functionality to panels with Human Machine Interface (HMI), Lauyans & Company’s designers can provide you with the right equipment to control your Overhead Conveyor. Interlocks can also be provided to communicate with adjoining equipment.

Turn-Key Overhead Conveyor Systems

No matter your requirements, Lauyans & Company can provide the right level of support for your needs. From component level to turn-key solutions, we can accommodate your needs by providing support from concept through implementation.


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