InstallationInstallation is an important factor in the total cost of any conveyor system. Installation of a Chainveyor® system, though exacting, is so comparatively simple and inexpensive that installation cost should be carefully considered along with the cost of the equipment itself. Chainveyor® requires less labor and less material. Some lower priced, open type conveyor systems often cost more when erection is included.

Correctly ordered, any Chainveyor® system is readily assembled and erected from standard, stock parts. Any millwright or capable welder that will follow simple instructions, given in the Instruction Manual furnished with each system, can quickly have it ready to operate. More than half the purchasers of our Chainveyor® product erect their own systems.

Since Chainveyor® Track and Curves are light-weight, it is entirely practical to weld long sections on the floor and lift them into place. This means a minimum of welding “in the air.”

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