The Chainveyor® product is an economical and efficient overhead conveyor solution for various material handling requirements. Available in Series 200, Series 300 and Power & Free versions, Chainveyor® is the ideal solution for overhead conveyance of light to medium-duty loads. A Chainveyor® system offers ease of installation, low maintenance and quick delivery of stock components.

Typical Applications Include

Warehousing/Distribution Manufacturing
  • Empty Box Lines
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Pick-to-Light
  • Trash Conveyor
  • Paint Systems
  • Powder Coating Lines
  • Production Systems
  • Unit Handling

Total Adaptability

Chainveyor® is the most adaptable conveyor system on the market. It maximizes available floor space while conforming to structural contours. Once installed, Chainveyor® systems can easily be modified for additional workstations, relocated equipment, increased building size, or other revisions in conveyor paths. Its design allows the use of smaller processing equipment (tanks, freezers, ovens, etc.) and makes serving hard-to-reach production equipment more practical.

Increased Productivity

Chainveyor® is reliable and low maintenance. The simplicity of the design, with fewer moving conveyor parts, means minimal maintenance and virtually zero downtime. The chain pitch offers more product hanging point options that will maximize production. This reduces conveyor system length and integrated equipment size.

Improved Product Quality

Chainveyor® improves product quality by keeping the physical handling of the product to a minimum. Chainveyor® moves product anywhere, through processes of all types that may otherwise require excessive handling by personnel for each process.

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