Chainveyor Series 200 Overhead Conveyor

Request A QuoteChainveyor® 200 Series is an economical and efficient overhead conveyor for various finishing, production and distribution system material handling requirements. For light to medium-duty loads, Chainveyor® is an economical alternative (up to 30% savings for Series 200) to heavy-duty enclosed track or I-beam conveyors, which can be overkill in many applications.

Series 200 Overhead ConveyorChainveyor Series 200 advantages include Variable Frequency Direct Drives for easy speed control and less maintenance with fewer mechanical components. Chainveyor Series 200 plated chain is availale for harsh environments. This overhead conveyor chain has 6” pendant centers for more hanging points and 60 pound per foot load capacity.

Series 200 Stainless steel enclosed track horizontal turns and vertical curves offer ultimate hardness and corrosion resistance. The tight enclosed track turn radius increases efficiency and saves floor space. Chainveyor overhead conveyor has fewer moving parts that require less maintenance and a modular design for ease of installation.

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