An Icon In the Music World – With Help From Overhead Conveyors

How do you conceive of a company that will become an icon? Chainveyor® knows something about this. We have clients that have done exactly that.

One hundred and thirty years ago, our client had a hobby. A hobby that produced handcrafted musical instruments with a unique quality and sound. Today our client manufactures iconic guitars that are revered by the music industry.

The demand for a high-quality instrument with a special sound would outpace the ability for a single craftsman to make each instrument. Technology developed over those years allowed our client to hire many craftsmen, each with a unique skill. They coordinated their efforts to make more instruments. Output increased. But each guitar was as true to a musician’s artistic abilities as one made by the hands of the original entrepreneur.

Our client understood the value of craftsmanship. The company continued to grow. Other companies, suppliers with craftsmanship as a foundation, helped increase production. Our client ramped up the ability to produce increasing numbers of exquisitely crafted, beautiful guitars with an iconic sound. That sound was the signature of our client.

One of those suppliers the guitar company chose was Chainveyor®. Chainveyor® conveyed the partially finished instruments from point to point using overhead conveyors. Assembly, sanding, painting, curing, painting, final curing. Packing and shipping. A process that took 25 hours to produce a completed guitar.

These guitars are the talisman of the musicians who use them. The instruments provide the ability for each musician to make a living, to prosper and, perhaps, become famous for their artistry and sound. This is what Chainveyor® does for its customers. Since 1952.

Our client has prospered. They’ve added a new facility. They still need the craftsmanship, the reliability, and the value of Chainveyor®. It fits their needs perfectly and is performed year after year without bother. This new overhead conveyor system consists of 12 separate overhead conveyor systems. It covers 4,300’ and spans the array of operations necessary to produce the finest guitars available. From the beginning to the musician’s hands.

Here is the question we want to pose to you about your overhead conveyor needs.

Why not Chainveyor®?

We offer you years of experience and reliable service that meshes with the precise needs of your own systems.

Will you contact us? We’d like to show you how we can make you just as happy as our long-time clients.

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